Getting familiar with turnkey project execution in India

Turnkey projects can eliminate numerous inconveniences and smooth project management by transferring responsibilities to the aggregator that would otherwise have to be fulfilled by the customer. Turnkey project aggregators provide materials, services and the labour required to carry out the project. They are growing more popular in India because of their shorter span of completion […]

Criteria to consider while onboarding an aggregator

In today’s dynamic world of supply chain, engaging a procurement aggregator adds a lot of value to your business. B2B procurement aggregators like Bulk MRO offer customized solutions for vendor consolidation, fulfillment and financing needs of a company.Before partnering with a supply chain aggregator, consider if they offer the following:Strong Partnerships: Aggregators should foster long-term, […]

Using technology to ensure smooth operations in the supply chain industry

In today’s day and age, the supply chain industry not only is adapting to modern technology to keep pace with competitors but also see value in that technology. Companies are investing in technology to optimize processes, increase savings, improve efficiency, reduce dependency on human labor and increase accuracy of their operations.According to “The supply chain […]