Bulk MRO offers a wide range of packaging materials and solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses. We offer packaging products such as boxes, containers, bags, wraps, tapes, labels, and protective materials. We also provide custom packaging solutions tailored to specific products and industries. Bulk MRO understands to role of packaging in protecting products during transportation, storage, and display, as well as enhancing their visual appeal and brand presence. By offering packaging as a product category, we enable businesses to source high-quality and cost-effective packaging materials that meet their unique requirements. We provide expertise in packaging design, materials selection, and logistics optimization, ensuring that products are safely and attractively packaged for distribution and market presentation.


Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Rolls

E-Flute & Pizza style Boxes

Mono Cartons

Auto Lock-Bottom Cartons

Paper Bags

Paper Angle Boards

Stretch Films

Shrink Film

Air Bubble Wrap

LDPE Liners & Polybags

Courier Bags

Biodegradable Bags

All Types of Tapes


PET & PP Bottles

Caps & Closures

HDPE & PP Cosmetic Jars

Laminates & Pouches

Plastic & Wooden Pallets

Plastic Crates