Using technology to ensure smooth operations in the supply chain industry

In today’s day and age, the supply chain industry not only is adapting to modern technology to keep pace with competitors but also see value in that technology. Companies are investing in technology to optimize processes, increase savings, improve efficiency, reduce dependency on human labor and increase accuracy of their operations.
According to “The supply chain trends shaking up 2023” report published by KPMG, while technology transformation often focuses on the back office and better customer engagement, supply chain and operational capabilities will be front and center in 2023. Importantly, there will likely be greater investment to uplift supply chain planning maturity, automation of warehouse and operational tasks, as well as in gathering better end-to-end supply chain analytics to create enhanced visibility.
With access to data like never before, companies can make decisions based on gathering, analyzing and interpreting a large volume of real time data from various different sources just at the click of a button, hence making B2B procurement and B2B fulfillment seamless. Data driven decision making ensures maximum utilization of resources, managing inventory levels, lesser pilferage, helps predict demand patterns and helps in budget allocation.
Access to a customized common platform where companies can view their purchase data, request for quotations, view previously ordered items and easily select the product they want to purchase through a catalog makes the process convenient. This helps in stakeholder management as a result of ease of operation and increased satisfaction.
Granular level of monitoring using sensors, smart devices in warehouses and vehicles enables real time tracking, live updates and preventive maintenance planning with a warning.
With full stack supply chain aggregators integrating modern tech in their solutions, companies are enabled to be more agile, customer focused and efficient. It is evident that the future of the supply chain relies on adaptation to innovative technological advancements.
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