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Bulk MRO is your single source for every project lifecycle – from design and procurement to installation, turnkey, repair, and maintenance, we have and partner with specialised sales teams and customer service professionals, product managers, engineers, and project managers with a deep understanding of your industry niche to help you optimize networks for today’s demands and future expectations.


Bulk MRO provides end-to-end logistics solutions to businesses such as transportation, warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment, and distribution. By leveraging our expertise, infrastructure, and technology-driven platforms, we ensure seamless and efficient movement of goods from point of origin to the final destination. We offer real-time tracking and visibility, allowing businesses to monitor their shipments and inventory throughout the supply chain.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Bulk MRO’s Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) provide comprehensive maintenance and support solutions for equipment and systems. We offer AMCs to businesses and individuals who require ongoing maintenance, repairs, and technical support for their assets, such as machinery, appliances, IT infrastructure, or facilities. Under an AMC, we take responsibility for regular inspections, preventive maintenance, breakdown support, and necessary repairs throughout the contract period. AMCs provide peace of mind to customers by offering dedicated support and prompt resolution of issues, often including priority service and spare parts availability.

Installation & Commissioning

Bulk MRO’s Installation and commissioning services include expertise and support for the proper installation, setup, and testing of complex equipment, systems, or machinery. We hire a team of trained professionals who possess technical knowledge and experience in handling specific installations. We ensure that equipment is correctly installed, configured, and integrated into the existing infrastructure, meeting all necessary safety and regulatory requirements. Additionally, we conduct thorough testing and verification procedures to ensure that the installed systems or machinery are fully functional and perform according to the required specifications.

Site Execution Services

Bulk MRO carries out site execution services, specializing in managing and overseeing on-site construction and project execution activities. We ensure project planning, coordination, supervision, and quality control. We make sure that construction projects are executed efficiently and effectively, adhering to design specifications, safety standards, and project timelines. We oversee construction activities, manage subcontractors, monitor progress, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, facilitating smooth communication among stakeholders, resolving any on-site challenges, and maintaining strict quality standards throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Marketing & Production Credit Facilities

Bulk MRO offers lines of credit designed to assist businesses in funding their marketing campaigns and production operations. Credit facilities for marketing provide businesses with access to working capital for advertising, promotional activities, market research, and brand development, content development, video production, graphic design, and other creative endeavors. These facilities help businesses cover expenses related to talent acquisition, equipment, studio rentals, post-production, and distribution.

Safety Training

Bulk MRO offers a wide range of safety training courses and workshops tailored to specific industries and job roles. The training programs cover various topics such as Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), hazard identification, emergency preparedness, personal protective equipment (PPE) usage, equipment handling, and regulatory compliance. Safety training providers employ qualified instructors who deliver engaging and interactive training sessions, incorporating practical exercises and case studies to enhance learning outcomes.

Miscellaneous Services

Bulk MRO provides diverse and specialized miscellaneuos services to meet unique customer needs. We offer a range of miscellaneous services that do not fit into specific categories but fulfill important requirements for businesses or individuals. These services may include consulting, advisory services, project management, event planning, data analysis, research, and other customized solutions. We provide tailored expertise, resources, and support to address specific challenges and seize opportunities.

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