Getting familiar with turnkey project execution in India

Turnkey projects can eliminate numerous inconveniences and smooth project management by transferring responsibilities to the aggregator that would otherwise have to be fulfilled by the customer. Turnkey project aggregators provide materials, services and the labour required to carry out the project. They are growing more popular in India because of their shorter span of completion as compared to traditional development projects.
Aggregators have more knowledge about the local markets and understand the regulations while setting up projects in different parts of India. Their relationship with the local suppliers will result in effective cost savings for customers. As a result, projects are completed in time and within the allocated budget.
Every aspect of the project is taken care of, from design and planning to procurement, construction, installation, implementation to post hand over services and maintenance.
The process of turnkey project execution begins with the aggregator gathering a team of experienced resources who are experts in their respective fields. This team then takes over the project with the aggregator and contributes significantly to bring the project to fruition.
The first step of a turnkey project includes planning the project where the aggregator develops and updates schedules for the project, and makes weekly and monthly plans. All designs, drawings and documents for the project are made and discussed with the customer. The discussion includes finalising of technical specifications and technical data sheets.
As a next step, procurement of materials and services begins. Project execution begins with fronts, erection, construction, sequencing / strategy, material receipt, storage, tools and plants and most importantly manpower is hired. The aggregator handles the end to end process from manufacturing, material supply tracking to delivery of items. Weekly and monthly progress reports and shortfall analysis is done to make sure the project is completed on time. The following is also shared with the customer to keep them in the loop.
The aggregator ensures quality management through Field Quality Plans (FQP), Inspection and Testing Procedure (ITP), Inspection at Manufacturer’s Works, Inspection on Receipt, Inspection and Testing on Erection.
On project completion and evaluation, the aggregator hands over the site to the customer to begin operations. The aggregator takes care of maintenance of the site post handover as well.
By offering turnkey solutions, Bulk MRO simplifies the process for their clients, saving them time, effort, and resources that would otherwise be spent on managing multiple vendors and tasks. Clients can rely on the expertise of Bulk MRO to deliver a fully functional and customised solution, allowing them to focus on their core business activities and quickly realise the benefits of the project.