Fixed Gas Detectors

Fixed Gas Detectors

Fixed gas detectors represent a crucial category of instrumentation designed for continuous and long-term gas monitoring in stationary installations. These detectors are permanently installed in specific locations, such as industrial facilities, refineries, laboratories, and storage areas, to monitor and analyze the presence of hazardous gases. They employ cutting-edge sensor technologies, such as electrochemical, infrared, or catalytic bead sensors, to accurately detect a wide range of gases, including flammable, toxic, and combustible substances. Fixed gas detectors provide real-time data and can be integrated into centralized control systems for remote monitoring and automated responses.


Non-intrusive one man calibration (display version)

Easy sensor replacement

Wide range of sensors and detectable gases

Standard 4-20 mA 3 wires output

Wide range of accessories for installation and maintenance

Zero tracking and system self-diagnosis

ATEX and IECEx certified

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