The COVID-19 pandemic has seen an increase in demand for PPE products globally. Bulk MRO plays a vital role in bringing credibility to the supply chain and ensuring all Buyers and Sellers of PPE products have a legitimate platform to transact on.

During the pandemic we have witnessed an unprecedented increase in scamsters that pretend to be agents and representatives of customers, manufacturers and even platforms like Bulk MRO to dupe unsuspecting customers and suppliers.

Please be careful of the following fraudulent actions:

All Bulk MRO documents like Letter of Intents (LOI), Proof of Funds (POFs), Letter of Authorization (LOA), Purchase Orders (POs), Invoices,  must be shared only from a domain email. If you are receiving any document of Bulk MRO from any other channel you are encouraged to verify their authenticity and ensure it is not a fake or forged document.

Bulk MRO only transacts with its own bank accounts. If you are being asked to make any payment or deposit to a third party or unauthorized bank account it is a scam.

If you receive an email that you suspect is a fraud attempt, or you are unsure of an email’s legitimacy, please do not respond. Instead, contact Bulk MRO for verification at [email protected]

If you have been a victim of suspected non-delivery of merchandise by fake representatives, report to [email protected]

Bulk MRO has published a detailed guideline for the benefit of our customers and suppliers here.